Who is able to immigrate to Canada?

The four main categories of immigrants that are able to gain the  Canadian permanent residency are the Family Class members (closely related persons of Canadian residents living in Canada), Economic Immigrants (Canadian experience class, skilled workers, and business people), Humanitarian and Compassionate applicants (people accepted as immigrants for humanitarian or compassionate reasons) and Refugees (people who are escaping persecution, torture or cruel and unusual punishment).

Who is able to immigrate to Canada?

These four categories that are available for the newcomers are Economic Immigrants( targets the experienced and the skilled workers and also those who wants to set a business ), the Family Class members( targets the Canadian residence who want to join their family), Humanitarian and Compassionate applicants(targets that person with a compassionate and humanitarian case) and refugees( this category is for those who are faced war and torture ).

Family Class

This category is designed for Canadian immigrants who need to bring their family to this country in one condition which is providing financial support and help for those newcomers. Under this Category, you can sponsor your children( including the adopted one ), spouse, partner, or any other member of your family.

Economic immigrants

When it comes to skilled and talented workers, Canada is opening doors. Immigrants with experience can profit from this category to gain their permanent residency. In fact, there is a program dedicated to that immigrant by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada called the Express Entry.

Skilled Worker Class

There is a program by which the skilled and talented workers can gain their permanent residency which is the Federal Trade Program. This program gives the qualified and experienced workers the ability to be permanent residents, they are eligible if they have the skills in their occupation, if they have the experience and also if they are educated, these three criteria are desirable in the Canadian market.

Canadian Experience Class

This program is designed for the immigrants who are in Canada, and who are in temporary status and want to gain a permanent residency. The Experience Class gives the skilled workers and also the foreign students who are living temporarily in Canada the chance to be eligible Besides, the immigrants who have good French or English ability can gain their permanent residency under this Class.

Business Class

The Immigrants who want to start their entrepreneurial in the Canadian territory can profit from the business class category and also those Investors who want to invest in the Canadian economy and will to help the country with their funds, skill, and experience are welcomed under this category 

Compassionate and Humanitarian applicants

The immigrants with humanitarian cases or the Compassionate one can  profit and apply for a permanent visa if they cannot be permanent residents under other circumstances and here are some of the cases where newcomers can apply for a permanent visa under the Humanitarian cases:

  • If you want to settle in Canada
  • if you want to join your family
  • if you want to provide a better ground for your children

Refugee Class

If took around in the world we can see that a lot of people are leaving their country by force or due to the catastrophic situation in their homeland because of the war. Canada is giving these people the opportunity to be permanent residents under its territory if they are sponsored by Canadian citizens.

Who is unable to immigrate to Canada?

Canada is a welcoming country when it comes to immigration. However, not everyone can be admissible to the Canadian territories, and based on the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act  here is the list of reasons which can make unable to get a visa refusal

  • Issue related to security matters
  • The violation of human rights
  • Have a criminal cv or be a part of criminal organizations
  • health grounds
  • financial problems
  • misrepresentation
  • non-compliance with the IRPA or
  • having an inadmissible relative

Broadly speaking, you can apply to the Canadian permanent residency before moving to Canada, you can apply by using the mail or you can visit any representation of the Canadian authorities such as the Canadian embassy, the High Commission of Canada, or the Consulate. Besides, you can apply from Canada if you are in a refugee situation or in a humanitarian case and if you are also under the family join case in the Canadian territory.