The diversity and the inclusion in the workplaces of Canada

The Conversations about these two terms in the workplace are becoming more widespread, which has given a shift in the demography of Canada. Especially with the increasing number of immigrants, as they are becoming more critical.

In fact, the term of diversity in the workplace refers to hosting people from different and several genders, cultures, sexualities, and ethnicities. In short, in other words, it is having heterogeneous workforces with different experiences that can affect society.

However, the term of inclusion is totally different. In the workplace, inclusion refers to giving people equal access to all the opportunities and resources regardless of their gender or religion.

If diversity means having a workforce from several backgrounds and experiences, inclusion is making sure that all the social norms and behaviors that exist should enable people to fully take part in all the activities.

the workplaces of Canada

However, Indo-Canadian Radhika Nath: a person, who worked with a nonprofit sector in Toronto for nearly a decade, has managed to notice the shift:

ve noticed a shift in people’s perceptions of inclusiveness. There were no immigrants on the board of directors or in senior management at a firm where I worked three years ago. The few immigrants working there were admin workers and one accountant as they began to pay attention to diversity.

I feel hopeful about this current trend; when I visit their website, they have just two immigrants in the senior management who help in diversity in their committees. This only makes sense since half of Toronto’s population is an immigrant

However, A Gartner survey explored that the two terms; diversity and inclusion measures are not effective enough due to the policies that do not trickle down to the employee’s levels.

In fact, While the CEOs are prioritizing and committing to the values of diversity and inclusion, it is revealed that the measures that we have currently are enough at all, and based on several surveys a lot of strategies that have to do with diversity and inclusion are not effective enough due to the fact that they are relying on a specific point in the time training, individual champions, or some singular experiments.

Romansky used to say that the initiatives of diversity and inclusion can succeed provided that the organizations are making sure of their sustainability, that is to say; the strategy used is endorsed by the whole organization and it can be measured all over time.

In Canada for example, a lot of workplaces, as well as educational institutions, are having dedicated units whose role is overseeing the diversity and inclusion practices that are used. 

However, York University in Toronto is one of those educational institutions; actually, it is ranked the 33rd in the world in the Times Higher Education in 2020. Besides, it has always been one of the earliest institutions in Canada that have established a Centre for Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusion, which is based on the idea to create a community that is diverse, egalitarian, and inclusive

as Yanni Dagonas said:

York’s basic principles are diversity and inclusiveness, and we’ve long been a pioneer in putting those progressive beliefs into practice.

This university has a lot of advisory bodies that help in providing the necessary feedback, also the lived experiences help in promoting the principles of equity and diversity.

Dagonas claims that this university is committed to equity in employment, diversity, and developing a favorable environment. Besides, he shows some statistics in order to support the success of CHREI’. For example, it recorded around 200 percent each year in the attendance at the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion workshops, without forgetting the completions of training modules with the Race, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion training.

Also, Perminder Singh who used to work as an administrative assistant in the human resources field with one of the medium-sized construction contracting company says that all the organizations that practice diversity and inclusion are making a lot of effort order to create a successful workforce must be lauded in a public way.

As he went through some struggles when he was trying to find inclusive employers. after he was graduated from college in 2018, he used to work at many gigs including food chains and warehouses, all that was before landing a job at the construction firm.

Furthermore, he says that when he was working at some of the jobs that pay low, he noticed that the two terms diversity and inclusion were never a priority for the companies. Now he is satisfied with his current job because it focuses on making the workplace heterogeneous by making sure that the hiring process reflects all the races, ethnicities, cultures, and genders.

this year, Maya Touissant was invited to defend and speak about diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. Singh said that it was an informative talk that has launched a lot of interaction and conversation amongst his friends.

It was believed that; if you want to make the workplace diverse and inclusive, you have to change your thoughts and get rid of all the biases that are usually formed in an unconscious way that impact negatively their abilities towards some people.

In 2021, the organization is meant in order to make all the employees compete and succeed in the Unconscious Bias Training. Singh used to say that for immigrants, it is easy to notice the companies emphasizing this type of training so that everyone will feel included and carry out the same practice as the others.