The 8 most Demanded Jobs in Canada

1. Industrial Electrician

There is a clear shortage in this field in the Canadian territory. Predictions are indicating that about 1200   will be received and required to solve this issue.

Indeed, this type of occupation is very enjoying, because Electricians are able to get lots of promotions and that results in moving to different positions and also they can profit from salary raising ( normally the average salary is $33.19 per hour), particularly if one of the three provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan, and BC) is where you live since these provinces are known by their high payment in the field of industrial electricity.

If you are willing to obtain this occupation, you need to finish an apprenticeship program. Furthermore, in particular cases you need a trade certification since this kind of occupation relies on simple work such as installing and testing machines. In addition, it’s available to apply in provinces and territories where there is more shortage, like PEI, Ontario, and Nova Scotia to make your chances better.

2. Aircraft Pilot

The job-like pilot is considered one of the highest paying jobs in the world with an average of $38.81 per hour, and because there is a clear shortage in such jobs that have a relation with aircraft. There will be a shortage of 4500 places in the next years.

Yukon, Quebec, Alberta, and Manitoba are the provinces with the highest demand in such fields, but before your application, you need to be sure that you have finished your training and you need to get the appropriate license. A of choices are available between your hands in which you can work to different airlines companies ( private and commercial) in different sectors.

3. Pharmacist

There is a huge demand in this field, particularly for elderly people. As a result, a lot of pharmacies are opened up in the country, so many pharmacists are in need to fill this occupation. Furthermore, the number of pharmacists needed will increase since many other pharmacists are retiring.

The pharmacists’ role isn’t restricted to medicament’s selling, but they play the educator’s role where they give advice to patients on the way of the use of medicine.

 This job requires a Bachelor’s degree and to be registered with and regulatory officials. Provinces like Alberta. Ontario, Saskatchewan BC, and New Brunswick are the favorite ones to increase your opportunities and also to get a generous wage to get ($50.31), but if you want to be paid more, we advise you to apply in provinces like Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec.

4. Psychologist

To be eligible for this field you need to have at least a master’s degree since you are going to deal with various and difficult problems concerning the mental and psychological of people like bipolar, anxiety, depression and disorders, and other neurological problems. In fact, there will be a huge demand in such fields in this country since the Canadian are giving more attention and focus to mental health. Provinces like New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan Manitoba, PEI, Quebec, and BC  have more available jobs offer with wages of $40.00, other provinces like Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Nova Scotia are considered the most Highest-paying one.

5. Steamfitter /Pipefitter

The demand for this job becomes more and more clear because a lot of old pipefitters and steamfitters are living their jobs due to retirement and also because many factories are improving and updating their systems. If you want to profit from this field, you need only to finish an apprenticeship program, and also you have to get a trade certificate. It is a good move if you apply to Ontario where you can augment your chances. The wage is $36 per hour and you can look for more wage if you apply in Alberta, PEI, and Saskatchewan

6. A construction Estimator

If you want to apply for this job, you have to get a certificate that proves your ability to work in this job as the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (CIQS) certification. In provinces like BC, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia you will have more chances to get the occupation, the wage of such a job is about ($31.25 per hour). Indeed, if you want to get paid more you ought to apply in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC.

7. Veterinary Technician

The Canadian have a special relationship with their pet, for that they can pay a lot of money to take care of their pets and that, of course, will create a demand for Veterinary Technician. If you want to be a Veterinary Technician in Canada you need a diploma and to be registered within an association in Canada. The wage is about $18, in provinces like PEI, Alberta, and Manitoba the wage is higher.

8. A dispensing Optician

In these fields a lot of elderly Canadians are suffering from eye problems, for that, a lot of occupations will be available for skilled opticians who are able to attract customers to their services. The average paying is about $24.00 per hour. It is better to apply in provinces like Quebec, Nova Scotia, Alberta, Saskatchewan where there is more demand, but if you look for more money, you can apply in Labrador and Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario.