How to Move to Canada without having a job offer?

When it comes to immigration there’s no a better country to think of as a destination than Canada. That is because the country provides a welcoming environment to immigrants socially and economically.

To move out there seems pretty difficult, yet there are a lot of opportunities that immigrants can seize without even having a job offer. We are going in the following paragraphs to describe several entry options immigrants need to know.

1. The Province Nomination Program

Each Canadian province is responsible for determining the number of workers it will need to avoid any workforce shortage in the upcoming future.

There are a variety of sectors that differ in terms of workforce demand. This will lead to a variation of applicants’ numbers to a certain activity, which will leave other ones in shortage. To maintain the needed balance, provinces have to make regular nominations for the vacant positions of the activities in need. For the moment, the IT industry is at its highest, so more candidates are expected to apply for IT-related positions and hence other activities will be leftover. However, the nomination program is conceived to ensure no shortage would take place.

2. In Demand Categories:

Each province has the ability to determine the candidates’ eligibility based on the workforce demand and also the job openings requirements.

3. Skilled Worker Category:

this program is similar to Express Entry Program, which aims at offering visas to skilled workers, especially in hand-working fields. The difference though is that the Express Entry is open to applicants from all around the world, while the province nomination is only open to applicants from Canada. Therefore, the applicant to the latter is more likely to get accepted as the number of contestants is much lower.

4. International Graduate Categories:

This program is suitable for students who would like to continue their studies in Canada. The students have to fill out the application form in which they provide their studying career information and submit it to the IRCC. A selection process takes place afterward and the student receives a response in case he or she gets selected.

If you consider applying through any of these programs, you have to know that you should work on all the needed criteria: language ability, work experience, the best program to choose, etc; as the competition is intense and you will definitely need anything that can differentiate you from other applicants no matter how marginal it might be.

5. Start up Visa

Another path that leads to moving to Canada is getting a Start-up visa. This path fits people who either have already created their own start-ups yet they would like to transfer the business to Canada or have only the project idea already prepared but still haven’t started yet. The selection process in this category is primarily based on the potential start-up contribution to the local community and also to the province economy. The job opportunities it will create for Canadians and the more innovative it is the more chances it has to be selected. It is a matter of how much Canada can profit off the start-up; so you need to provide as many details as you can in order to convince the selecting committee. You might also want to know that the number of people you’re working with at the start-up can make a difference. Canada opened this entry path to bring more jobs to its citizens, so try to come up with a business idea that will help Canadians to work with you.

6. Family sponsorship

Applicants who have family members living in Canada have a better chance to be accepted as they can apply through Family Sponsorship Program. The Canadian government is highly accommodating to a family reunions and provides simplified immigration procedures for those who are interested.

In the following section, more details are provided about different  family sponsorship modes:

  • Spouse sponsporship : Applicants who would like to bring their family along to the country can apply to this visa. This process has a certain priority over the others according to Canada’s family reunion policy.
  • Spouse and Partner sponsorship: In case the Applicant has a spouse living in Canada and having the permanent residency, he or she may be eligible for this visa. Partners of same sex are eligible as well. Once the application gets approved, the resident spouse/partner can issue the visa to the applicant.
  • Dependent child sponsorship: Minor ms have also the right to reunite with their parents and even stay in the country while their applications is being reviewed. If the minor meet all the necessary requirements, he or she with the parents can obtain the permanent residency status.
  • Parents sponsorship: Canadian citizens can bring in their parents or grandparents to the country, as they can sponsor them with this type of family visa.

This was a quick look at all kinds of entrance methods to the Canadian territory. Nevertheless, applicants should always beware of the immigration agent to contact in order to have valid and trustworthy assistance.

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