Canada Visa Guidelines

Canada is the North neighbor of the United States and this country is a very developed  one and has its position in the world, for that many people want to move or to travel to this country and the numbers of visa implications have been increasing  in the last years and many people are wondering about the good steps that will lead them to move to Canada

What is a Canada Visa?

The stamp of the  Canadian Visa on your passport is a legal way by which you can get in the Canadian lands. This visa is official permission that allows people to be in the Canadian territory in a temporary manner or in a permanent one. The visa is delivered by the representatives of the Canadian authorities all over the world such as Embassies or Consulate. However, this visa isn’t a definitive decision to get to Canada, you need to convince the  Canadian Border Services Officer (BSO) by answering their question in an honest and correct way, and if they have a doubt about you, they will send you back to where you come from.

Who Needs a Canadian Visa?

If you need to travel, study, or work in Canada you need to have Canadian Visa unless you belong to one of the countries that have visa exemption or an electronic travel authorization which is not the case for the citizens of 148 countries.

What is the Canada Visa Types?

Before thinking about an application for a visa, you should decide which one you need to apply for  since there are many visas’ types  and here are these types:

  • Visa for visitors
  • Visa for students
  • Visa for workers
  • Visa for permanent residency
  • Visa for business
  • Visa for the Express Entry Program

And of course, you need to choose between temporary and permanent visas in this country

Temporary Canada Visas

  • This type of visas allows people to stay in the Canadian territories for a limited period, this duration is determined by the Embassy or by the officers in the Border services. This period is often can be of six months, but it can be a single entry as multiple entries.
  • The difference between the single and the multiple entries is that the first one is a visa by which a person can get in Canada once, on the other hand, the multiple visas allow the applicants to get in this country many times before the expiration of their visas.
  • Visas for tourism, this visa is a temporary one for the ones who want to visit this country and want to enjoy  its beauty
  • The Canadian Super Visa, this visa is designed for families who want to meet each other, where the parent with a permanent residency can visit their children for a temporary period
  • Official and Diplomatic Visa. foreign officials and diplomats are able to get a visa in accordance with their duties as representatives of their countries.
  • Visa of Courtesy. this visa is for the purpose to give non -qualified diplomats to get temporary into the Canadian territories, this visa is delivered for people with high ranks like diplomats with touristic intentions.
  • Visa of Courtesy, this visa is for a purpose to give non -qualified diplomats to get temporary into the Canadian territories, this visa is delivered for people with high ranks like diplomats with touristic intention.
  • Visa for Business, this visa is delivered for those businessmen and women who want to invest in the Canadian economy
  • Visa to give birth in Canada, this Visa is delivered for people who want to give birth in the Canadian territories, these people need to complete all the conditions for a temporary visa.
  • Visa for organ Donors, this visa is delivered for persons who want to move to C
  • Visa for students, this visa is delivered for students who want to complete their studies in one of the Canadian universities
  • Visa for temporary work. this one is for the people who have a work offer in the Canadian lands 

Permanent Canada Visas

  • This type of visas allow the applicants to get a permanent residency in the Canadian territories  and here are the different types under which an immigrant can have a permanent residency:
  • Immigrant Investor Program. The people who are willing to invest in the Canadian economy with a net worth of $800,000 can profit from this visa and they need to invest an amount of $400,000 which will be returned by the Canadian government in 5 years without interest.
  • This visa is delivered for entrepreneurs who want to start their start-up in Canada. The conditions for this visa is to have a net worth of $300,000 and have a commitment to own, manage and create job offers in the last three years in Canada
  • Visa for self-employed persons. This visa targets skilled persons in different fields such as athletics, business, or culture. The applicants need to explain their financial plan for their business.
  • Quebec-Selected Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)  this program is designed for workers in some occupations that  are in need in the province of Quebec  and have fluency in the French language
  • The Sponsorship family program. This program helps families to reunite and to join their partners and relatives.

Express Entry Visas

This program is for the purpose to help people  to apply for a visa based on the skill they have  and these are the programs that fall under the Express Entry :

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), this program is designed for persons that have the skills in the following occupations :

  • Carpenters
  • Aircraft Mechanics
  • Crane Operators
  • Electricians
  • Machinists
  • Ironworkers
  • Welders
  • Plumbers,

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), this visa is designed for the immigrants who have a profession needed in this country

Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP), this visa is delivered  for the workers with low skills but still able to help the Canadian economy

Canadian Experience Class, this program is designed for students and workers who have temporary visas and want to apply for a permanent one.