9 Things You Should Know Before You Move to Canada

I think you’ve heard a lot about Canada. Canada is a magnificent place and its people are known for their kindness.

The famous meal in the breakfast is a bowl of maple syrup and you can use the ski as a means of transportation to your work. There are many other things that you should know about life in Canada.

9 Things You Should Know

1. Canada is huge

Canada’s surface is about ten million square kilometers which makes it the second-largest country in the world behind Russia. Canada is 40 times bigger than the United Kingdom. Imagine that four years is the time needed to walk its coastline, even the city of St John’s in Newfoundland is bigger than the whole Netherlands. In order to control the vast surface of its country, Canada is divided into thirteen parts (ten ‘provinces’ and three ‘territories’).

2. The cities are world class

The capital of Canada is Ottawa, not Toronto as most people think. Canadian cities are considered the best cities to live in. In the Economist’s 2017 ranking of the world’s most liveable cities, Vancouver took third place, Toronto fourth place and Calgary took fifth place and that was due to the better position that sectors like healthcare, education, environment, infrastructure, and stability have in this country.

3. it’s very multicultural

Canada is a country where everyone is welcomed and that is noticed with the number of Canadians who were born outside the country (20%)  and the number is expected to be (50%)by 2031. Canada is a multicultural pot where many ethnicities and nationalities live together peacefully and lovely across the country, nearly 200 nationalities and over 250 ethnicities are sharing this cheerful land.

4. Two official languages

Many countries over the world have a complicated linguistic situation, for instance, in Singapore, they speak four official languages, and in  India, there are sixteen official languages. Canada has also more than one official language that has an equal status which is English and French. The French language is used in the eastern province of Quebec, in this part of the country people are doing their best to exclusively use French not only people but also local authorities(language police)  who are using laws to enforce the use of the French language.

5. You’ve got good healthcare options

The Canadian healthcare system is tax-funded in which the government pays for people’s basic health insurance .it’s a free charge system where the private sector is paid by the government not the patients like the NHS. The only matter with the Canadian medical services is time. Indeed, 57%  of Canadians are not able to see a professional medical on the same day.

Regarding all the issues in the healthcare sector and if you want to avoid waiting more time the Cigna is putting between you hand four levels of annual cover to choose from and more flexibility in their extra modules.

6. The landscapes are beautiful

In Canada, not only cities are good but also the landscapes are fascinating. The majority of Canadians prefers to live in the south part of the country within 100 miles from the southern neighbor (US), and that leaves a big and vast space to discover in the north of this big country especially if you want to look for quiet places far from humans contact for a while or forever. Canada has different types of landscapes, for example, boiling deserts, tropical rainforests, rugged coastline of Pacific Rim, the magical Meadows in the Sky, and the granite mountains of Gros Morne and many other charming places.

7. Lakes, lakes and more lakes

Canada has the longest coastline in the world and it’s also the land of 20% of the earth’s lakes and which makes this country suitable for saltwater and freshwater lovers. the number of lakes is absolutely enormous .there are about two million lakes in this beautiful country one of them is about the size of Maine.

8. It’s freezing cold

Canada is known for its hard and cold winter. The average temperature is always under zero in winter time apart from the west coast in British Colombia. Going outside in the wintertime is not enjoyable in the major part of the country where temperature can reach -30°C or -40°C and this is not the coldest temperature recorded in Canada which was in Yukon recorded in 1947 at -63°C this value is the same as the temperature on the surface of Mars.

9. They’re obsessed with ice-hockey

Hockey is a sport that was invented in England but does not ever try to tell or convince a Canadian that Ice Hockey is more than a sport for the Canadian it’s like a religion to them every one is practicing this sport in every frozen lake. In order to give you a hint about the feeling that people have toward this sport, the final game between Canada and USA men’s at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 was the most-watched TV broadcast in Canadian history.