8 Job opportunities you can find in Canada

Being one of the top seven greatest economies in the world, Canada’s economy is consistently in need of a workforce. The growing number of retiring people and new jobs that are constantly created outnumber Canada’s active population. Therefore the country has to fill the gap by bringing in more foreigners who are sufficiently skilled to fit the vacancy jobs. In this article, we will give a broad description of the most demanded occupations in Canada.

Job opportunities you can find in Canada

1. Industrial Electrician

There is a great need for industrial electricians in Canada. in 2020 alone, nearly 1200 related jobs were open across the country, especially in provinces as Alberta, Saskatchewan, and BC. In these provinces, the average wage is higher than the rest of the country, and those job openings are mostly located there. An industrial electrician can be paid up to 33$ an hour which is a very good salary based on Canadian living costs.

To get the job, applicants must complete an apprenticeship program. A trade certificate can be required as well.

2. Pilot in Command

or Aircraft pilot is indeed a prestigious and a really good paying job. Since Canada’s air transport sector is constantly growing it will certainly need more skilled people who can fulfill all related aircraft handling occupations: from ground handling services to piloting the aircraft up in the air. Many airline companies are looking for pilots who are experienced enough to pilot all kinds of aircraft: from the smallest as private jets to the biggest as cargo aircraft or commercial ones, which are generally used for long-haul flights (mostly from and to Europe and Asia). So if you are a pilot in command, it is time to consider working in Canada and enjoying all the benefits that come with it.

3. Pharmacist

Pharmacists are inevitably needed in Canada. with the growing senior population, all health care activities especially patient assistance continue to rise. And pharmacy makes no exception. An immigrant aspiring to become a pharmacist in Canada actually needs a Bachelor’s degree and a valid registration granted from an accredited official authority of the applicant’s home country. As for where to settle and start working in Canada, the pharmacist can choose either Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or Brunswick. These provinces provide promising paths as most of Canada’s population live there; so more need for pharmacy services is expected out there with an interesting wage (up to 50$ an hour).

4. Psychologist

Industrialized societies are known for the mental health issues they are currently facing due to their stressful way of life and also to the individualistic culture that became almost dominant in the West. Therefore these societies including Canada’s need more mental health specialists who can help people who suffer from bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and all other kinds of mental illnesses. Psychologists are on top of the list when it comes to dealing with those patients. It is predicted that 5000 psychologists are needed in the next 3 years.

To fill such a vacant position, the applicant has to provide at least a Master’s degree in psychology from a recognized university or institution, and previous experience is a plus that increases the applicant’s chances to get the job. And if you wonder where psychologists can find it? no surprise, the same provinces stated before are the best place to consider settling in.

5. Steamfitter-Pipefitter

Most industrial facilities and factories in Canada need constantly maintenance-related skilled workers who can follow up machines’ performance on a daily basis. Steamfitters and/or pipefitters are at the heart of such activity. This activity has a certain scarcity as a small proportion of workers are trained to fulfill the job. If you are a steamfitter then you stand a good chance of getting the job in Canada and making good money as the average salary out there is around 40$ an hour. Moreover, if you are lucky enough to find a position in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or PEI provinces you will certainly enjoy the journey as the salary can be even higher and the path to promotion is right at your feet.

6. Construction Estimator

Real estate and construction is a very fast-growing industry in Canada. More companies are involved in the ferocious competition of winning new deals of constructing all kinds of buildings: hotels, hospitals, mansions, etc.

In order for these companies to provide competitive deals, they need to minimize construction costs as much as possible. Here comes the role of a construction estimator, whose job consists of assessing costs, calculating all sorts of building material prices (armd Beton, cement, wood ..), and suggesting the best project version with the lowest budget possible. A construction estimator needs to major in civil engineering and obtain the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors certification (CIQS).

7. Veterinary Technician

Being a veterinarian, or simply as known as “Vet”, is definitely worth a shot. Canadians are keen on their pets and they spend a lot of money in order to take care of their lovely domesticated buddies. The multi-billionaire worth industry pave the way for many job opportunities all across Canada. However, the best provinces to work in are Alberta, PEI, and Manitoba. The average wage in these areas is around 18$ an hour.

8. Dispencing Optician

People in industrialized countries tend to be in constant contact with all sorts of devices: smartphones, computers, tablets, etc. That’s why they need to take care of their eyes more than people in other developing countries. The eye care field creates many job opportunities especially for opticians who can help people fix their optical issues. The job requires a high level of technicity and skill, and a human-contact spirit as the optician is supposed to be dealing with what is considered the most sensitive part of the human body. If you dare to take the risk of treating people’s eyes with care and delicateness then you have a pretty good chance of starting a promising career with an estimated average wage of 24$ an hour. Where to find such a job? the answer is simple: you can choose to settle either in Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario, or Nova Scotia.