6 Top Tips for Moving Overseas Cheaply

The best things in life are free” is an expression coming from the mouth of those who have never been abroad.  Simply, if you want to relocate to a brand new country you need money.

A lot of things that you should pay attention to it even before you’ve reached your destination, for example, things like visas, shipping and flights can absolutely make you pay an important amount of money.

6 Top Tips for Moving Overseas Cheaply

To avoid paying a lot of money there is MoveHub, this latter has a wise head who can easily help you to cut moving costs, so you don’t have to worry about money or about putting a downer on your important plans.

The following checklist puts between your hands all you need to do if you are willing to move abroad.

1. Choose sea freight over air freight

If you want The cheapest way to travel abroad you should use the waterways. The world bank stated that the waterways are usually between 12-16 times cheaper than airways for the simple reason, the waterways industry has obviously a huge overcapacity, and that making the difference of balance between demand and supply and leading to lower prices. Of course, if you want to move in a hurry, the airways are the fastest one if we make a comparison between a containership which probably takes 20-30 days to travel from China to the US while a plane can pass the trip just in three according to Freightos.

The second difference between the airways and waterways is the impact on nature, for instance, a trip of 5,000 KM on a ship of two tonnes in waterways would produce a quantity of CO2 equal to 150Kg while a plane traveling the same distance will produce a quantity of CO2  forty-four times bigger than a ship does.

2. Give yourself the time

Benjamin Franklin once said, “you may delay, but time will not”.

Time is humanity’s greatest commodity, everything is around time, so you need to use it wisely and organize your moves sooner rather than later. What you have to do once you know your destination and when you are traveling is to set a date for the shipment of your cargo. The perfect time is very important because if you leave too late you will have only two rubbish choices:  paying the extra unnecessary price for your stuff or you can arrive weeks ahead of your belongings.

3. shipping industry

 What you have to do to avoid this missy situation is to get a look and contact shipping companies at least three or four months before the departure date.

When you decide to use the overseas shipping industry for transporting your cargo you will find yourself in front of two options: Full Container Load (FCL) or Less  Container Load (LCL). The first choice puts in your hands a full use of a whole 20ft (or 40ft) container. The second choice is where you can share a container with others. It’s basically like the difference between a taxi and a bus.

LCL looks like the suitable and the more cost-effective choice if you are shipping a small amount of cargo, but this option isn’t effective when your cargo reached around 15 cubic meters of cargo and you would better use a whole container, regardless of using half of it.

So what is the reason for that? Simply, the price of the cubic meter in LCL is 2-3 times more expensive than FCL.

Another difference between the FCL  and the LCL is that the first one can be delivered seamlessly from one door to another while the second one needs to be gathered in a warehouse before the shipment is then carried into the ship for the final destination. All this extra time and labor naturally lead to a higher cost. 

If you feel a little bit confuse don’t worry professional shipping company will take care of your move and will help you to choose the suitable choice for your cargo.

4. Compare shipping quotes

Many shipping companies are operating all over the world putting in your hands a lot of options that you need to take into consideration before selecting the first freight you find.

The Movehub website is designed to help make choices by Just fill in this short form with some details and up to six suppliers will be in your disposition. However, you need to verify and ask for a full breakdown of each quote in order to know the service provided by shipping companies that include insurance cover, professional packing/unpacking,  and full door-to-door delivery.

5. Shop around for the best health insurance policy

Before you travel abroad it’s better to sort out some private medical cover and also you need to compare policies to get the best offer. Cigna will help with a plan that fits your needs .with Cigna you can choose one of four different levels of annual cover and they have more flexibility in their extra modules.

6. Prepare for overseas finance

Money is an important element of your moving step. Note that if you want to draw money from your bank account you need to pay fees and also you need to bother yourself with unfavorable exchange rates for those reasons we put between your hands the best money transfer services on the markets according to our expert ratings and find the best money transfer provider today.

Regions like Southeast  Asia are cheaper than Australia in terms of fuel, food, and beer are cheaper however what you should think about more serious things like healthcare and education.